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Land of Empires: Immortal is a strategy-based game developed by Nuverse. It is available on both android and ios. This game contains about how you rebuild the cities that have been destroyed, reclaim the land that has been looted by demons and make alliances with other players to achieve victory. Here, in this article, we'll provide land of empires: immortals' best tips, tricks, and guide to help you understand the game and progress faster.

The heroes will unite to fight against the demons who have ravaged the cities of humans. The war between the forces of light and darkness has enveloped humanity, therefore this city needs a saviquired to rebuild a city that was destroyed because it was controlled by demons. There are tons of things you can build in this game such as barracks to train troops such as archers, infantry, and cavalry.

There are buildings to produce resources such as farms to produce rice, and there are lumber mills to produce wood, which use these resources to upgrade other buildings. Also, the chapter tasks small buildings that cannot be rebuilt, then we destroy them to make more space. There are also other buildings such as warehouses, hospitals, halls of heroes, houses, watchtowers, decorations, city halls, and others. 

  • Battle Framework

In the game Land of Empires: Immortal, there are three different battle scenarios whose objectives are different from one another,

  1. Dungeon Stage
  1. Stealth Stage
  1. Field Stage

r troops. Then you can use the skills possessed by the heroes when the gauge bar is full.

At this stage you can choose the auto feature whose function is only to watch without the need to do anything, later it will be moved automatically like the skill, and there is also a speed feature so that the battle is completed faster, but can only be accelerated at x2 speed.

  • Stealth stage

As the name implies, this stage requires you to hide from the guards, because the purpose of this stage is to save the prisoners whose contents are humans from the demon guards. Before rescuing him you need to kill the guard by hiding in the bushes so as not to be seen, to kill him must be from behind the guard so that he is not seen

  • Field Stage

In this place, you will fight the infested with foul enemies. You will bring as many different troops as you have. At this stage will be led by 3 heroes and followed by troops such as infantry who are in the front position, followed by cavalry, then followed by archers who help from the rear or the last troops. At this stage, you don’t need to do anything, because everything is automatic.

Land of Empires: Immortal Tips & Tricks

1) Build the City

Fighting is good for the sake of getting rewards, but you need to build a city as well for the survival of the city. You are required to improve each existing building so that the city becomes better and can develop, one of which is increasing the barracks so that your troops are stronger when they are used to fighting on the Field stage.
n you have high-level resource buildings, the more the buildings produce resources. Then you also need to destroy small buildings that have collapsed so that your city is wider and not filled with useless things, besides that you will also get resources when you destroy them.

2) Upgrade your heroes and troops

To achieve victory in every battle, you need heroes and troops with a high level, therefore it must be to improve each hero. You can increase the hero through the hero feature and then select the + sign next to your hero level, if you have several hero training guides, then you can increase them according to what you have. Besides that, you can increase it by upgrading the star, this method is quite effective because once you increase it, the hero will get some statistics such as an attack, defense, and HP. However, this method requires several shards from the hero and a badge according to the grade of the hero. If you don’t have one or both, you can get it through the Road of Heroes from the Hall of Heroes building, where you have to complete the available stages.

When each stage is complete, you will get prizes such as shards, badges, coins, etc. Then when all stages are completed, you will get the main prize such as the Epic Fate Stone which is used to recruit heroes. Then when you need troops with a high level, you need to upgrade the barracks building. When you have a barrack with a high level, then you can train troops with a high level as well.

3) Join an Alliance

There are many benefits When you join an Alliance, When you join an alliance it offers the following facilities:

  • Alliance members can reduce the construction, research, and healing time for each other 
  • When allies defeat Hellwatchers or buy packs, everyone gets Alliance Gifts 
  • Earn persooints can be exchanged for more useful items in the Alliance Shop 
  • Multiple allies can send troops to strengthen each other and defend the position Together

4) keep assigning heroes

In addition to upgrading heroes, you also need to recruit new heroes to get high-grade heroes. Because the higher the grade, the stronger the hero. You can recruit the hero through the Hall of Heroes building, then select Recruit Hero, there are divided into 2 types, there are Epic Recruit and Advanced Recruit

In Epic Recruit, you can have the opportunity to recruit 1 time for free, and when it has been used it has a duration of about 3 days to get another free recruit opportunity or you can use the epic fate stone to buy it. However, for Advanced Recruit, the duration is faster than the free one.

5) Complete all your chapter task

The most imp you complete this chapter task, you will get several prizes that can be obtained, especially when 1 chapter is complete, then the prizes you get are very many, such as a shard of hero, resource, etch, that you can use to improve your heroes.

6) Expand your Territory

Expanding your territory is one of the most important parts of playing the game. At first, it may sound tedious especially since you don’t have that many buildings to really maximize the space so you’ll have a lot of empty unused tiles. However, it’s still good to expand early and continuously do so when the main quest no longer requires you to explore. This is because you’ll eventually need the space and it’s better to have them available rather than waiting for it to eventually come.

Exploring the map is also a good way to get free items and troops. Your heroes also get a decent amount of experience from defeating monsters. It can also be a really fun game mode while you’re waiting around doing nothing but wait for your other countdown timers to finish. In the later stages of the game, you can use the space purely to improve the aesthetics of your empire by arranging all your buildings and adding cosmetic items to give it a little more life and personalization.

7) Use your speedups and items wisely

The most annoying part about playing real-time strategy games is waiting for something to get completed. It becomes even worse during the late game when your upgrade timers last for hours or even days on end. Don’t be afraid to use your speedups in the inventory to skip those upgrade times so that you can instantly use your facilities. Even if it’s only two minutes, we still recommend using your speedups because it’ll allow you to do more stuff within your playing period.

Items in your inventory should also be used to pay for upgrades when you’re running low on resources. These are intended to help players keep up with the growing needs of building a flourishing kingdom. Most beginners are afraid to spend speedups and items in the early stages of the game, but the truth is that it’s more efficient early on because it’ll propel your progress a lot more as compared to using it in the later stages of the game where it doesn’t make that big of a difference.


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