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AFK ARENA is free to download mobile game, developed & published by  Lilith Games. This game is packed with a beautiful world full of epic tales, exciting adventures, and plenty of rewards. Moreover, this is a strategy-based game in which you can collect numerous legendary hero cards, earn plenty of rewards, discover many treasures, fight together with players all around the world, and Glimpse the beautiful world full of epic tales.

At the end of the blog, we'll put the AFK arena apk direct link so, if you're reading this & want to download the game then you can download it directly from here. People are also looking for AFK arena mod apk on the web but there is no need to hack this game, this game is very simple and you can grow if you stay constant with it. we'll also tell you some AFK arena cheats which are very useful for progressive growth.

How to improve heroes in AFK Arena 

first, get to know about their stats

  1. Health – The total health of a hero. Once reaches 0, the hero will be eliminated from the combat field.
  2.  Attack – The damage that a hero deals.
  3. Defense – The amount of damage a hero can reduce. 
  4. Life-Leech – It determines how much life you recover when attacking a foe. 
  5. Physical Resistance – The amount of physical damage that a hero reduces. 
  6. Magic Resist – The amount of magic damage that a hero reduces. 
  7. Recovery – The amount of HP a hero recovers naturally. 
  8. Speed – Movement. 
  9. Dodge – Evading the enemy attacks. 
  10. Accuracy – Chances of hitting a target.

For progress in AFK Arena, you will need to gain heroes' stats

  • Level Up – Spend the gold coins, EXP to raise the heroes. At certain levels, new skills will get unlocked and the hero will shine in the combat  
  • Equip the gear – Equip the gear, enhance them to raise the stats.  
  • Ascend the heroes – Go to the castle -> tap the temple of ascension building -> here you can ascend the heroes. Tap the hero that you want to ascend -> then tap on the next slot and read the hero requirement. Usually, you need to use duplicate heroes in this process.

Farming Guide - AFK Arena

  • Hero EXP, gold, player EXP – Campaign 
  • Hero essence, gold, diamonds – Bounty Board(Dispatch the heroes – selection on the basis of faction) Arcane Labyrinth -labyrinth tokens, relic, hero EXP, gold coins 
  • PvP Arena – ranking rewards 
  • King’s Tower – hero’s essence, soul stones, diamonds, gold coins

ALL THE SLANGS (We are providing you the list of all slang words)

  • A = Ascended Heroes 
  • E = Elite Tier
  •  E+ = Elite + Tier 
  • L = Legendary Tier 
  • L+ = Legendary+ Tier 
  • M = Mythic Tier 
  • M+ = Mythic + Tier 
  • Food/Fodder = Heroes used to upgrade other Heroes. 
  • Buff = The effects that increase the properties of your Heroes such as damage, attack speed, health, etc. Debuff: Effects that make Heroes weaker. 
  • CC (Crowd Control) – Effects like stun, tie, sleep, etc… which disable the enemies. 
  • ATK = Attack 
  • HP = Health Points 
  • DEF = Defense 
  • ACC = Accuracy 
  • MSPD = Movement Speed per Duration 
  • MR = Magical Resist 
  • PR = Physical Resist 
  • CRIT = Crit Rate Haste = A kind of buff that increases your attack speed, movement speed, and spell casting speed.
  •  LL = Life Leech

Types of heroes in AFK Arena 

  • light-bearers

There are a lot of Light-bearer heroes and their specialty is that they provide extra strength to other light-bearers,  You should pair light-bearers with other factions but better response light-BEARER

  • Maulers

They are the most dominant ones, they give maximum damage to your opponent as well. You can raise their skills/power a lot by grouping them with Wilders, you can use this faction with a lot of different heroes.

  • Wilders

They provide support to your team or group or a fraction, everyone loves them. they are useful with almost every fraction, there is no particular fraction that works well with them but they work well with all of the other fractions.

  • Graveborns

Graveborns can adopt many different skills, and qualities as compared to light-bearers. Graveborns can play different roles in the faction such as tanker, assassin, damage dealer, etc. They also have to ability to steal life. Graveborns don't have many friendly allies. You can team up with them only to give other supporters some strength.

AFK Arena Tips and Tricks

1. Build And Develop The Best Team

This part will be covering all the tips mentioned in the guide above. The very first one is to build the best team of heroes. Read this tier list and figure out the best characters that you have owned. After it, focus on raising their power through various ways such as leveling up, ascending, etc. Use all those diamonds in summoning and try your luck. If you have developed useless or low-grade characters, you can reset/retire him/her and get all the investment back.

2. Complete all quests 

There are three types of quests daily, weekly and campaign quests. Make sure to complete daily and weekly quests to win big rewards also on the completion of the campaign you can earn some big rewards as well.  

Go to the campaign mode screen and tap the quests button at the upper-right corner -> complete the daily tasks for the rewards such as diamonds, scrolls, soul stones, and more. The weekly quests are also worth completing. So don’t miss any quest and grab all the rewards.

3. Upgrade gears 

I'll keep it simple, Gears are the most important things as well, so upgrade them.

This might help you below I showed all the gears and their attributes:-

  • Plate Armor = Strength 
  • Leather = Agility 
  • Cloth/Robes = Intelligence. 
  • Heavy looking weapons = Strength 
  • Finesse looking weapons = Agility 
  • Wands/Staves = Intelligence

4. Play Every Game Mode

Other than the campaign mode, you can earn precious rewards in other game modes as well. Make sure to play every kind of game mode daily; guild battles, bounty board, arcane labyrinth, king’s tower, and more. You can earn gears, hero essence, EXP, in-game items, diamonds, and much more.

5. Join a guild 

Join an active guild and participate in the team hunting battles. You can earn guild coins, gears, diamonds, and many more rewards from it. Spend those guild coins in the guild store for other precious items.


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