King of Avalon Top 5 Tips, Tricks & Guide


king of Avalon is free to play multiplayer strategy-based mobile game. In this game, you can enjoy various things its a complete package. You're the king of your empire & they called you King Arthur you need to build the foundations of your empire, in another language you need to develop the infrastructure of your empire by developing strong infrastructure your country becomes strong and can face any situation. You got a dragon to care which makes your kingdom strong as well, having a strong dragon is a crucial privilege. You can chat and play with players all around the world, you can share your tactics with them that also helps you in developing up your empire. It is a free MMO fantasy adventure game.

The mobile game King of Avalon is a building and management game. This time you have to manage your fortress and your whole city against the evil forces of the witch Morgana! Connoisseurs of the legends of the Round Table will be delighted with this game, as King of Avalon features characters from the legends of King Arthur.

Like all games of this type, you need to collect and produce resources to build your buildings, deploy your troops and train your soldiers. These resources take some time to arrive in your inventory, so this game is a game of patience. Your goal is to manage your own kingdom by improving what you build. To do this, you will need a lot of resources, but also boosters, which we will call bonuses, construction acceleration objects, or even gold coins to go faster! Fortunately, this game offers rewards daily, rewards main, side and daily quests, as well as rewards login!

The plot takes place after the death of the famous King Arthur. He is now resting beside his sword, Excalibur! In this context, you play as his successor and must take over the reins. In order for a new person to be crowned, you must defend the fortress and collect heroes such as Tristan to lead your armies! Summon heroes, build hospitals and towers, gather wood and iron, and attack the monsters and enemies of your alliance!

  • Priority to resource and troop training buildings!

In this game, you have to focus first on resources and buildings related to your combat troops. Now, you should know that you can't get more side quests if you haven't unlocked the main quest first. That's why you have to do all the quests. Improving and constructing buildings, even without completing one of the quests, will make you go faster. If you see a small green arrow next to a building, you can upgrade it. If there is no building on a plot of land, you have unlocked a new building that is useful for future quests!

To go faster, use the acceleration bonuses, which you have in abundance in the inventory. If necessary, use gold coins to make the required or necessary upgrades and trainings instantly! If you are unlucky enough to run out of gold coins, go and do side quests in the meantime and do daily quests! Use your gold bonuses from the beginning of the game in the inventory. These bonuses give you gold up to hundreds of coins. This is often enough for upgrades and training at the beginning of the game.

  • Take advantage of bonuses and free rewards

Starting King of Avalon is that the rewards don't take long to drop! Among the rewards and possible bonuses, you will find something to get you started in the game without having to worry about it. Too many of you forget to use the bonuses and forget to claim your rewards. And yet, you already know that you are entitled to rewards (gold, accelerations, wood, etc.) as soon as you complete a quest, secondary or main.

rewards are also available for your daily logins, so don't forget them! Also, you gain strong rewards when you level up, or when you do research. Other rewards are available when you win against enemies, that's why you also have to go and attack evil troops!

At the beginning of the game, you will also be asked to link your social accounts. Do it! You will earn resources and bonuses! Many of these rewards are available in your in-game mails, so always check your mails at the beginning and end of the game.

  • Getting started in King of Avalon means getting your first dragon!

The game would probably have less style given all the beautiful cinematics the developers have created with the game's dragons! From the very beginning of the game you will be able to hatch a dragon egg. This dragon will be used to replace the large specimen that was killed by the witch Morgana during one of her attacks.

Your dragon is an integral part of your kingdom's fighting forces. Indeed, the dragon will grow and evolve according to the attention you give it. Few quests will involve your dragon, so it's up to you to think about it! As with all the buildings in the game, a green arrow will indicate when it's time to take action to improve your animal's skills!

Among the possibilities, the dragon can be improved. Its strength can be increased tenfold, but so can some of its other skills. You must also feed your dragon with meat. This meat is available in the inventory. Please note that the way you use your dragon is very important. Your behavior in the game determines your experience gains. If you use the dragon to attack other players, you will gain assault experience. Do you use it more for exploration? Then you will be given research experience. If you send it out to collect resources, you'll get guardian experience! These experiences will later determine what kind of dragons you can get!


1) Join an Active Alliance

Join an active and big alliance as soon as you can. There are lots of rewards available from Alliance events and they also offer protection against potential enemies. Make sure to move close to your Alliance for full benefits.

2) Don’t Waste Resources

Building troops and upgrading buildings in King of Avalon gets expensive very fast. Do not waste resources early in the game on weak troops. These low-level troops quickly become useless and you are better waiting until you can build higher quality ones.

3) Complete the Daily Tasks

Each day you have some mini quests to complete. Finishing each of these gives a good reward with daily activity points. These activity points will unlock reward crates once you hit certain milestones.

4)  Spend Your Gold Wisely

While you are given a large stipend of gold that steadily grows throughout your first moments during the game, always consider what you will be spending it on. Sure, you could spend on premium material bundles and summoning horns, but if you’re looking to make the most out of this stipend of gold, take our advice by buying the 4-Day Extra Worker when it pops up. At first, you will be offered a free Extra Worker for 30 minutes to give you a taste of what it’s like to upgrade or build things twice at a time. Taking this offer will easily allow you to progress through your quest log, especially if it involves building or city improvement. Spending 500 gold for the 4-Day Extra Worker will get you through many quests quickly, especially if you constantly play this game. Within those four days, you should be able to get to the point in the game where your city’s protective shield comes off (don’t worry, this is a mark of progress!). If you enjoyed having an extra worker around the city, consider supporting the developers by permanently unlocking it with real money. Otherwise, being patient is the biggest keys in this game (more on this later). 

5)  Improve Your Stronghold With Due Diligence

A kingdom is nothing without its stronghold and it’s your responsibility to keep its level in check. Whenever you have enough materials, check back with your stronghold to level it up. The higher its level, the more facilities and more features you can unlock. Doing this is quite important during the early stages of the game. Of course, the stronghold cannot be upgraded constantly by itself in King of Avalon. Sometimes it will have pre-requisites that aren’t just resource-related. You will need certain buildings upgraded before upgrading the stronghold entirely. The best way to approach this is to upgrade your structures up until you require the stronghold to be upgraded. That way, time will be saved and you won’t be scrambling for what you might have missed.

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