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Royal Match is a new Unique Kind of puzzle game. Royal Match is a free-to-play game with thousands of levels and many areas where King Robert needs help restoring the Royal Castle's former glory. There are tremendous rewards from various events and unique bonus levels.

In Royal Match, you can join a team and get help from teammates. Both as a team and individually, you can compete for local and global championships

Royal Match is developed & published by DreamGames & it is available on both ios & android. It’s completely free-to-play but to progress in-game you need a basic guide and a few tips & tricks 

Now you have a complete overview of what the royal match game is exactly about, we can move forward on this post. Now I’ll share a basic guide and a few tips and tricks which you can use to progress a lot faster in this game.

Speaking of which, each level comes with an objective. At first, your goal is to simply collect a number of tiles of a certain color (red, blue, green). As you advance to the upper stages, though, things slowly get more complicated as additional ‘special’ elements are added to the board. These are extremely varied, so you’ll need to employ different methods to be able to get them off the board as quickly as possible.

The better you become at solving puzzles, the faster you’ll unlock new areas around the castle and give them a royal makeover. Royal Match seems like a walk in the park at first, but the game will eventually require a lot of skill and concentration on your part.

If you’ve recently picked up the game, and already found yourself stuck on a stage, don’t stress, we’re here to give you a helping hand. We’ve created a comprehensive Royal Match beginner’s guide which includes a number of useful tips, tricks, and strategies that will provide support in your quest of becoming a true puzzle master. By using the following instructions, you should be able to overcome the challenges and serve your king efficiently.

Top 5 Tips & Tricks 

1. Mix and Match Boosters to Get Awesome Results!

Rockets, TNT barrels, propellers, and light balls are all great on their own when you match them up with a regular piece on the board. But they perform much better when you match up those boosters with a duplicate version of themselves or different boosters altogether. One of the best matches you’ll need to take advantage of is when you combine two TNT barrels – the resulting explosion from that combination works wonders since it can clear even more pieces and obstacles off the board.

Matching up any booster with a light ball creates copies of the booster itself all over the board, which leads to some major stage clearing action all in one fell swoop. Always go out of your way to combine boosters with each other to activate the best matches and clear the board of any and all obstacles that block your progression. And hey, you might even create a bunch more boosters once the board refills itself with puzzle pieces after a big explosion.

2. Replay Levels Often

Another piece of advice is not to give up so easily. Be perseverant in your attempts of solving a puzzle. If you can’t beat a challenge from the first go, don’t get discouraged. Try different approaches as much as you can. For example, when replaying a level, start matching on a different side of the board this time around, or perhaps target a different type of special elements with priority. Don’t limit yourself to using only one type of game plan.

Fortunately, the nature of match 3 games encourages you to do just that. Each time you replay a level, the initial tile loadout will be different, but it depends on chance whether the layout is accommodating to your objective or whether it won’t do you any favors. Unfortunately, in Royal Match you can’t exit the game once you viewed the initial board, unless you’re fine with losing a life. So you should give your best shot every time you fire up a new level. If the result is failure, perhaps you’ll have better luck next time.

3. Just Simply Complete Your Task

When you get stars you can spend them on sprucing up your kingdom. Those move along your area completion bar, and when it’s full you’ll get a chest packed full of boosts, goodies and coins, so it’s well worth seeing them through to the end.

Eventually, you’ll come to own an essential collection of special items that can be found at the bottom of the stage. The Royal Hammer, Arrow, Cannon, and Jester Hat are the special items we’re alluding to, by the way.

4. Make your every move precisely

Royal Match might be a casual game, but it requires a lot of focus. To this end, it’s never a good idea to make random matches on the board, as matching just for the sake of matching won’t get you too far in a match 3 game like this one.

This ties back in with the last tip. You’ve got a limited amount of moves in every level, so be sure to check how many you’ve got left to complete the challenge you’ve been set. If you run out, think about how many more moves it’s going to take before you spend any coins to keep playing.

Instead, carefully consider your next move every time, and make sure you’re matching purposefully with the intent of taking steps towards completing the level objective. Avoid wasting precious moves by paying real close attention to what’s happening on the board.

5. Redeem your Boost only in need!

there's a big difference between need & want. Don't just use all your boost when you want to use them when you're stuck when you're in actual need of them.

Don’t use your boosts until you’ve failed at a level a couple of times, otherwise, you might be taking them into places where you’re just going to waste them. You should use them when they’re going to help you out the most, and that’s when you know you’re in a tricky situation.

Our recommendation is to save up these pre-level Boosters for those really hard levels which you’ve tried again and again to solve but to no avail. It’s easy to fall into a routine where you’re constantly relying on these power-ups to complete challenges, but this is not a good strategy for the long term. Once you’ve run out of Boosters, you’ll be left to your own devices once more, unless you agree to pay gold coins in exchange for a new batch.

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