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Last Shelter Survival Top 5 Tips, Tricks & Beginner's Guide

Last Shelter Survival is a huge multi-player real-time war strategic mobile game & it is available on both android and ios. In the last shelter survival, you are a leader of a small shelter where every survivor needs to survive against deadly zombies. You have to build a base and develop it. This game offers alluring gameplay & definitely, you'll be going to feel ecstatic.

LAST SHELTER: SURVIVAL is released & published by  Long Tech Network Limited on date 10/13/2017. Since then this game has achieved phenomenal success.

Basic Gameplay 

Build your city wisely- You can freely build up your city. Adequate placement of buildings can increase their efficiency in many ways. To move an already constructed building, just long-press on it.

Road- Construction vehicles can only move on roads. All Buildings in the base must be connected by roads. 

Supply of the army- After successfully signing the army’s supply, you can have special privileges and receive a lot of resources within 30 days. After 30 days, you can renew the army supply agreement and continue to receive rewards. Army supply gives:

  • Special building: Solar power plant. Produces electricity for the base.
  • Specialist. building: Stroytsentr; 500 diamonds daily.
  • Every day you can get an acceleration of construction for a total of 8 hours or fuel and food in the amount of 400K.
  • Specialist. nameplate and chat frame.
  • Every day one of the sets of your choice: "Boosters for 8 hours", "200 thousand fuel + 200 thousand food", "400 thousand food", "400 thousand fuel", "256 thousand wood", " 158 thousand iron ".
Daily tasks The reward is given when you complete certain tasks and accumulate a certain number of points. The event starts at 00 minutes, every day you can participate several times. Each start of the event is divided into preparation time and participation time. The specific time can be seen on the event page. Each time - different tasks. The more points for completing tasks, the higher the rewards received.

  • Points rewards- Complete the task and get enough points to open the chest and pick up rewards from there. 
  • Ranking awards- All participating commanders are ranked. Commanders from the top of the ranking receive additional rewards.

Battle Guide 

Base attack- At least one APC must be sent to start the battle upon arrival at the defenders’ base. You must defeat all the garrison formations in order to win. If the siege wins, it will damage the health of the defending base. If you win, resources are also plundered, and armored personnel carriers with the Rogue’s power-ups also plunder money.

Base protection- The defending side can send up to four formations to fight, where each formation corresponds to an APC. For a detailed configuration of the defense forces, go to the "Defense Center" building. During the battle, the defensive formations will operate according to the settings in the "Defense Center".

Attack range- Normal attacks and tactical attacks have their own specific range. Depending on the placement of the units, the distance of each unit to the enemy will differ.

Normal range- A normal attack attacks the nearest enemy. The target of combat skills depends on the range of the skill effect or on specific conditions. Take Eagle Eye’s Precise Shot as an example. When Eagle Eye is in the rear, his skill is activated. The range of the effect is 4, which means that it can hit an enemy vanguard or central unit.

Bases & Resources

Commando. In tactics, you can activate special commando units, which you can start training after activation:

  • Spies: you can send spies to the base of the enemy for reconnaissance, and with successful reconnaissance, you can see the enemy base via mail and share the data with the alliance. 
  • Bandits: You can send bandits to the enemy base for raids. During a raid, the bandits blow themselves up, thereby blowing up the troops of the garrison. In case of a successful raid, the effect of the defense explosion will be even stronger. 
  • Genetically modified dogs: guard the base against spies and bandits.
Base protection-. All combat group formations in the base will fight the troops at the attacking base in turn setting up a defensive center. Units in the base that do not join the group formation will be the last to participate in the battles. Any group formation on the defensive side can be won once in defense battles. The attacker will defeat all troops of the group formation and troops that do not enter the group formation on the defensive side.

Placing heroes- In the control center, you can quickly mark the desired heroes in certain buildings in order to fully use their skills. Leadership is needed to place heroes, when leadership is at its maximum, you can no longer place heroes. You can maximize leadership by improving your control center.

Collection of resources and their consumption- In the resource interface, you can see the rate of production and consumption of resources, as well as the maximum available resources. In the case of purchasing the accelerated resource production mode in the shopping center, you can also see information on the current resources of the base. The easiest way is to click on the button just below to use the resource item, but do not forget about the maximum available resources and do not produce more resources than you can store.

Base Resources 
  • Fuel
  • Alloy
  • Steel
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Food
  • Banknotes
  • Population


1)  Save your speed-ups for the late game

I'll start by saying that you should never use your speed-ups in the early stages of the game. I'd very much suggest not using them at all until your base is at least level 10-15. Try to avoid using them for as long as possible, because the more you advance, the longer everything will take. 

Another important thing you should never forget about (or underestimate) is the Alliance help function (as we mentioned above). Always rely on that before you spend your speed-ups. Depending on how many players will pitch in to help, you can save up a lot of time in speed-ups.

2) Always send your soldiers out

Train, assemble, and deploy soldiers and heroes to complete various tasks. You can send out your troops on the field to gather or to fight something, and you should do so every chance you get. It'd be a waste to have your soldiers sitting in the barracks once you've trained them. 

I strongly suggest sending them out to gather the resources you're missing for building more farms. That will almost always come in handy, but sometimes it could be better off to send them to battle. Of course, you should always leave some soldiers home to defend the base. That way you won't be completely exposed to attackers.

3) Join an active Alliance

I can't stress enough the importance of a big and active alliance. It's one of the crucial Last Shelter Survival tips that we can give you! When you join your very first alliance, chances are it won't be one of the best. Just stay there until you manage to grow a little, and get your base strong enough to face off (almost) any attacks. Then, after you improved, start seeking a stronger one.

No matter if it's big or small, an Alliance will help you speed up building and researching everything with the help of other players. That will save you a ton of speed-ups in the long term, so always make sure to request and offer help - every single day, for everything that you build!

4) Keep Research active at all times

Once you are able to research various technology branches, you should slowly start working on every single aspect of it. Research takes time, anywhere from a few minutes at the start, up to several hours. It's a lengthy process for a fairly small reward apparently, but in the long term, it's going to give you great benefits. It's one of the key aspects in Last Shelter Survival, along with the heroes and upgrading everything.

If you're wondering about what to research first, my suggestion would be to always prioritize fields that increase your construction speed (and thus the upgrade speed). Then, you can focus on the military (attack, defense) or on resource production. It depends on what you need the most, but basically, construction speed should always come first.

5) Invest in heroes which are the best

As the last point, I'll mention a couple of things about the heroes. They can be great at boosting specific features, but not all of them will be worth your time. Gathering all the resources for upgrading their skills can be costly, and if you plan on playing for good, then you want to save up everything for when you get THE hero you want (or heroes).

Last Shelter Survival Top 5 Tips, Tricks & Beginner's Guide Last Shelter Survival Top 5 Tips, Tricks & Beginner's Guide Reviewed by Moksh Sethi on May 26, 2022 Rating: 5

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