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Rise of Culture is a Multiplayer Strategic City Building Mobile Game developed and published by InnoGames in July 2021. It is available on both ios and android. The rise of culture is a game in which you can experience various historic cultures, Build epic cities, you can rule your land, and progress in mankind. 

In this blog, we'll be discussing how the rise of cultures game works basically we'll make this game simple for you to play and provide you some necessary tips and tricks which will help progress in-game a lot faster than you can even imagine.

Era & Ages in Rising of Cultures 

In Rise of Cultures, you will begin in the Stone Age and progress through the ages by upgrading buildings, researching, fighting, and so on. It is not difficult, but it will take some time to transition from one age to another. The best thing you can do is follow the questline, not only because it will lead you to the next age, but also because it will give you a nice amount of rewards, which are important if you are a new player.

  • Stone Age 
  • Bronze Age 
  • Minoan Era 
  • Classic Greece 
  • Roman Empire

Gameplay Overview

Similar to games such as Rise of Kingdoms, this one borrows a few aspects from it and applies them to make its own variation and specialty when it comes to a new game. Similar to a few of the popular games back in the day namely Clash of Clans, players would also be building up an empire. The only difference is, that it is much more diverse and players can control a whole lot more options to their liking.

Now when it comes to these options, players here could expand their empire. They could build so many different cities and grow even more in their empire. Of course, there would still be a whole lot of variation here, and with that, players would start off with which civilization they would want to put up and keep on expanding throughout the game. At the start of it all, players will be given the title of Chief and with that, the game would then explain just more of the basics to it. For example, the game would then tell players that it is a must that players utilize the workers to put up buildings and after a while, players can even upgrade them for better outputs.

Rise of cultures is a strategic city-building mobile game that will give you the chance to become a new king in this great world.

Your goal as an NPC, King, or Warrior: Become World's First Ruler on your own land by forming colonies and establishing trade routes throughout Ancient Egypt! You are at the beginning stages when dealing with all those ancient cities; just go there now for a better start time than everyone else because they have not seen anything yet. But it gets worse!! If somebody tries to destroy some buildings such as urban ruins where people lived after their deaths.

Basics of Rising of Cultures 

Much like Rise of Kingdoms, where players have to start from the very beginning of the culture itself: The Stone Age. In the first parts of the game, players would be taught some of the few basics which are essential to have in their empires. Unlocking various more items and strategies, players have to venture through a questline that they must complete to move on from era to era. Every time players advance through these eras, they would also unlock new challenges, facilities, and even stronger troops!


1) Collect Resources 

It has been said that players can never get too much out of resources and what could be better than free resources right? In this game, players have the chance to get even more resources and maybe some gems as well. These gems are hard to come by throughout the game and players could use them to get that extra boost they need, more resources, or even some exclusive loot.

Because resources are used for everything, they play a significant role in the Rise of Cultures. So, upgrade your production facilities as much as possible and never leave them idle. Don’t forget to locate your production facility near cultural sites to increase production speed.

2) Focus on events and daily quests 

Events and Quests are excellent ways to advance your character. You want to complete daily quests every day to receive all possible rewards. When it comes to events, it can be difficult to complete them all, but you want to give it your all because the rewards are fantastic. Resources, gems, rare loot, and other items can be obtained through events and daily quests.

Daily in-game events help you progress naturally in-game as it tells you what to do in-game and what's your mission. you'll get great rewards for completing those events as well.

3) Enhance your buildings 

Enhancing buildings is crucial in the Rise of Cultures. By upgrading buildings, you can increase your army’s production, training speed, and strength, as well as the number of workers available to you, allowing you to do other things. Overall, you should prioritize building over technology. Don’t forget to place your structures near cultural sites to increase happiness, which will increase your overall production.

Now, for example, some players missed out on laying out a good foundation for their empire and misplaced some important buildings along with the Cultural Site, not to worry though, players can always edit out the layout of their empire and make sure that everything is in the optimal position for improvement. One of the good and main strategies to this is to put resource sites or even some barracks near the Cultural Sites to get the most out of it.

4) Boost Happiness  

Increase Happiness What happiness does in the Rise of Cultures is reduce time to train troops and increase your resources production. That is why it is critical to understand how to boost it and to have the best city layout in the Rise Of Cultures. To increase happiness in the Rise of Cultures, place your production sites near culture sites, and the same goes for training troops.  To move buildings near cultural sites, hold buildings and wait for the game editor to appear. After that, you can simply move the structure to wherever you want. Then simply click the confirmation button.

To move buildings near cultural sites, hold buildings and wait for the game editor to appear. After that, you can simply move the structure to wherever you want. Then simply click the confirmation button.

5) Keep all the Production units busy

In a lot of games, players would not have to stay logged in to keep progressing and the same can be said for the Rise of Cultures as well. Throughout times that players would progress in the game, the number of resources to perform upgrades and erect buildings would also increase. Now one of the best strategies is to always keep the production facilities working and busy. Players would not have to waste so much time waiting in-game.'

Now, the great part is that players can continue to get those resources as long as they have those production lines busy. That is one more cool thing about this game, players can do so much with little effort but of course, that can also lead to more greatness in each player’s empire.



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