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Hero wars is a fancy mobile role-playing game (RPG) available on both ios and android. It is published and developed by Nexters. A web version of this game is also available. Unlike other RPG games, this game has many heroes that you'll use to upgrade and demolish your enemies. You have to defeat Archdemon and his wicked army and gather Dominion's best heroes along the way.


Get to know the Heroes

The first thing to do is to get familiar with the heroes in Hero Wars.

  • Tank-Type – these heroes fight from the front line and excel in absorbing the damage. Their HP and shield stats help them soak most of the enemy damage – giving the shield to allies who fight or support in the backline. 
  • Support – these types of heroes can support allies with their abilities like healing, buffs, shield, etc.
  •  Healer – healers in Hero Wars have the healing abilities – to heal the allies 
  • Mage – these types of heroes use the magic abilities – burst DPS, buffs, debuffs, etc. Their main strength is the abilities they possess 
  • Control – these types of heroes have CC skills, which can control the enemies; for example – making them stunned, slow, freeze, etc. 
  • Marksman – these types of heroes fight from the backline. Marksman-type heroes are good at inflicting damage from a distance; they have AoE, burst, single-DPS skills. In other words, they are the attackers. If you want to grind a stage fast, a team full of Marksman can help you grind quickly – thanks to their firepower 
  • Warrior – these types of heroes fight from the front line and excel in melee fights

Hero Wars Top 10 best heroes list:-

  • Aurora – Tier 1 Tank 
  • Astaroth – Tier 1 Tank 
  • Celeste – Tier 1 Supporter 
  • Lars – Tier 1 Magic
  • Andvari – Tier 2 Tank 
  • Keira – Tier 1 Pure DMG
  • K’arkh – Tier 1 PHYSICAL
  • Nebula – Tier 1 Supporter
  • Martha – Tier 1 Healer
  • Chabba – Tier 5 Tank 
  • Dorian – Tier 2 Healer


1) Login Everyday to Get Rewards

If you have been playing mobile games for a while, you will be familiar with the concept of daily login rewards. Hero Wars is no different when it comes to that aspect. When you log in for the first time each day, tap on the clipboard icon on the top left side of the screen and go to the Daily Bonus tab. You will be able to claim your reward for the day. You will also see the rewards for the next 30 days. If your VIP level is high enough, you will get double the rewards every other day.

Aside from the standard Daily Bonus, the game also has several temporary Events that may give you rewards for simply logging in. Make sure you check the different tabs to see if any of the ongoing Events give out login rewards. For example, the temporary Events Incurable Optimist and The Adventure Begins both give out rewards for logging in.

2) Complete Daily Quests

Quests are great for getting a lot of resources as well as keeping your progress on track. When you tap on the book icon on the top left corner of the main screen, you will be able to see the list of your Daily Quests. These are the tasks that you need to complete per day. All the quests reset daily, so pay attention to the time you have left to complete them. Don’t worry because these daily tasks mostly involve things that you will normally do like using 100 Energy, fighting in the Arena, and so on. You also get to claim free 60 Energy from the Daily Quests if you log in during the specified times.

The game also gives out long-term Quests that give you major rewards. Just tap on the scroll icon at the bottom of your screen to view them. You can get Hero Soul stones, Friendship Chips, EXP Potions, and even Emeralds, the game’s premium currency. Just tap on the button on the right of each Quest to automatically be taken to where you can accomplish it.

3) Make Heroes More Powerful

To defeat powerful enemies in campaign mode or players in the Arena, you need to make the heroes in the team stronger:–

  • Level them up using EXP Potions 
  • Equip them with gear and promote 
  • Raise team level to increase the max level 
  • Upgrade skills using skill points and gold
  • Evolve them 
  • Upgrade heroes' skin using skin stones 
  • Get better skins for the heroes 
  • Equip/upgrade Artifacts 
  • Enchant glyphs
  • Upgrade heroes’ attributes; Agility, Strength, Intelligence using Titan Power Sparks 
  • Upgrade Titans

4) Include More Heroes in Your Powerful Team

There are several ways for you to recruit new Heroes. Your starting lineup will quickly be replaced by better ones if you are diligent in your recruitment. The first option is to simply play through the Campaign missions. There is always a chance to pick up Hero Soul stones in every stage. You can see which Hero Soul stones will drop by looking at the mission overview. Once you collect enough Soul stones, you will be able to unlock the Hero. Keep in mind that Soul stones are also important for evolving your Heroes, so keep farming them even if you already have the Hero.

Another way to get Heroes is by receiving them as rewards. There are plenty of events that simultaneously occur in Hero Wars. Some of them give out Hero Soul stones, or even actual Heroes, as rewards. Keep participating in Events in order to acquire Heroes.

You can claim one chest daily. More heroic chests can be opened using Emerald. You can get free emerald in Hero Wars by completing the sponsored offers and watching the video ads.

5) Upgrade and Unlock Skins

The second tab on your Heroes page is the Skins tab. Here, you will be able to see the different skins for your Hero. These skins are not just for show. The default skin has an effect that boosts your Hero’s main stat. You can upgrade it by spending Skin stones. The stat bonus increases as you upgrade it, but the Skin stone cost also increases. To unlock the alternate skin, you will need to spend 5,000 Skin stones. Since Skin stones are limited resources, you will have to decide which skin to prioritize. The good news is that bonuses from both skins will always be in effect regardless of what you make your Hero wear. That means once you have unlocked the alternate skin, you can happily enjoy the benefits of both skins and just upgrade each one depending on your needs.

One thing you should note, however, is that there are different types of Skin stones. The Skin stone you need depends on the main stat of your Hero. For example, you can only use Agility Skin stones to upgrade and unlock skins for Agility Heroes. Skin stones can be acquired as rewards, but the primary source for these is Outland Chests. You will need to reach level 25 first in order to unlock Outland and farm these chests.

Bonus Tip = Join An Active Guild


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